Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The internet has been down for two days!

I just managed to post Saturday’s blog and am now working on yesterday which was our trip to Bryce Canyon.  The internet here is slow if I upload a lot of pictures to the blog and of course, that is what I like to do.  So….will try to get that done today.  Tomorrow we will move to Kanab, Utah for eight days and then move toward the Grand Canyon.  That stop hasn’t been planned yet.  The weather is sunny and warm although it is supposed to cool off a bit later in the week here in Kanarraville.  Warmer in Kanab. 

The stay in this park has been very relaxing.  Extremely nice people, well behaved, non barking dogs and all in all a great place to stay. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

A trip to Bryce Canyon, Utah….A Red Letter Day!


Red rocks, red canyons etc. etc. …..you get what I mean.

> Mainmap

This is our route and we will do this trip in the truck.  We will not unload the bike untill we get to Kanab and we have more time. 


First order of business is fuel in Cedar City and then on the road for Bryce Canyon National Park.  We leave Cedar City at an elevation of 5,840 ft.


As soon as we head along Hwy 14 we start to climb.


The vistas are beautiful.


The first look-out that we stop at explains how the terrain was created. 


Lots of dead wood appearing and apparently more higher up.  Looks like the beetle kill in B.C.


We hit a plateau and it opens into a wide meadow.  This is much similar to home in the Williams Lake and the Chilcotin area of B.C.


Not too far and we hit a huge lava flow area. 

We pass through the Duck Creek Village area which is at 8000 ft.  This is where the fellow that we met in the Boise/Meridian RV park has a house.  He suggested we stay here but we wouldn’t make our truck pull the RV up here and besides that it gets too cold at night. 


We turn left onto Hwy 89 and head north to Highway 12 where we will turn right towards Bryce Canyon.


Turn right in 1/2 a mile.


As we enter the park we arrive at Red Canyon.  We got out to take a walk and have a look at the visitor’s centre.


Rock pinnacles.


Pine trees.  I even picked up a little pine cone to go with the one I have at home that I picked up at Lake Tahoe in 1992 on a trip to Reno with my Dad.


Signs about the early days and settlement of the area.


Water is a prime commodity here.


Only “YOU” can prevent forest fires!  Okay Smokey.


Can you spot any tourists here!


Rock tunnel leaving the Red Canyon.


Entering Bryce Canyon Village.  Lots of crap…oh I meant souvenirs here!

At the park entrance a nice young lady collected $30 from us and Eric just about choked.  Now the complaining really started! 


First stop was Sunset point and it was just packed with every type of tourist you could imagine.  Really not up Eric’s alley….way too crowded and it was really hard to find a place to park.


The views are just spectacular.


This does not even look real and it is really far down.  There are trails to hike and they were just jammed with people.


How beautiful is that!


See right in front of the garbage truck….well that’s where Eric initially parked the truck.  I said “ We are going to get towed!” and he moved.  Good thing don’t you think.

One really funny thing happened when Eric walked back to make sure he locked the truck.  There was a young couple in the parking area really going at it.  Eric said “ Hey, that’s not allowed in a National Park!” and they jumped apart and said “Sorry!”  I don’t know who they thought he was but maybe the buzz cut makes him look ex military.  Later we passed them and the girl wouldn’t even look at Eric.  Come on, get a room for that kind of thing.  We laughed about it all day!


Next stop Farview Point and it is getting higher.  There are less people here and Eric has stopped griping about the $30 bucks he had to pay.  The views are definitely worth $30.


It is very high and very sunny and the pictures are a bit washed out with all the light.


Surveying the landscape.


We are now at the Natural Bridge.


Explanation of how they were formed.


Definitely a wonder to behold.


One of a few arches.


As we pass Agua Canyon (we’ll stop on the way down) I spy these people on top of the rock.  Are they nuts!


The end of Bryce Canyon and the highest point….Rainbow Point.

Eric and I both have a bit of a headache at this point and our sinuses are very unhappy.  We live at an elevation of 500ft. so this is a huge change for us. 


Way, way down.  See that rock cliff on the upper left of the picture…well that’s where those people are standing.


I zoomed in and you can just see them.  I wonder how many people die up here every year. 


We are heading down now and stop at the Agua Canyon trail.


A real Group of Seven picture.


It’s getting later and the color is once again rich with the fading light.


A post card shot.  Just breath taking.


Down a bit more to Ponderosa point.  Still very high.


How red is that.


As we continue down we pass through huge areas of dead trees.  Forest fire, natural death…who knows.


We are now back to beginning of our journey into Bryce Canyon and are at Red Canyon. 


This is just up behind the Visitor’s Centre and what’s nice here is that the rock formations are very close.


Visitor’s centre.  I bought a t-shirt here as a momento of our trip.


We are back around Duck Lake and this is Duck Lake pond.

From here it’s all downhill to Cedar City.  It was really nice driving the truck without the trailer attached to it’s ass.  It has been a great truck and has never let us down even though it is 11 years old and has pulled the trailer to Mexico many, many times.

All in all it was a really good day and we are both tired.

P.S. – Eric begrudgingly admits the day was worth $30!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Alamo, Nevada to Kanarraville, Utah and it was a hilly drive.


We didn’t have far to go today only 160 miles so we didn’t have make an early start.  Eric and I had a quick chat with Dale Pickett about our route and places we could ride when we got to Utah.  We were on the road about 9:30 am under sunny skys.


This was our route with the only difference being a cutoff from just east of Iron Mtn to Kanarraville.  Dale Pickett told us there was a new paved road 5700 St. that we could take which went off Hwy 56 and right under the freeway and into Kanarraville on the old highway US 91.  This will save us from going into Cedar City and then heading south.  Good to know.


Hwy 318 north of Alamo.  This highway continues up to Ely but it goes through higher passes than the more western route that we take.  Okay when the weather is good but more snow later in the year.


As we start to climb toward the first pass the Joshua trees appear.  They seem to thrive at a higher elevation.


We’re thinking we’ll be going over those mountains.


Higher up and trees start to appear.  Probably Juniper.



Amazing rocks as we travel through the pass which would be over 6000 ft.


We soon arrive after driving downhill all the way to Caliente and it is a very  pretty little town.  This huge railroad station would suggest a much larger population in the earlier days. 


Pretty, pristine little town with hot springs and a nice RV park.  Worth another visit at some other time. 

North of Caliente we head east on Hwy 318 at Panaca and it’s not long before we start up again and through another mountain pass.


That is really high considering we started at somewhere around 3000ft.  This is going to use a lot of fuel even though we aren’t travelling very fast or going very far.  


Down we go.


Welcome to Utah.


Irrigated land provides hay and this looks really nice.  Growing in a huge flat plain.  Lots of silage corn as well.


Getting closer to Cedar City.


We’ll be heading up again before we go down toward Cedar City.   We are now down to 1/4 of a tank and have used a lot of fuel on this short drive.

After the pass we headed down and  found the paved road that Dale told us about and turned off Hwy 56 toward Kanarraville.  We arrived in time for lunch and were soon parked at the side of the very small park on the grass.  There is only one glitch with this and that’s that we are too tall to pull forward under the tree to exit the park and Eric will have to back us out.  Not a problem except there is a 40ft 5th wheel pulling in behind us so it will be tight. 



Red Ledge RV park and just our style.  Across the street there are horses, Llamas and a sheep grazing.  Just like home.

It’s sunny and about 20C but there is a really cold north wind.  We probably won’t unload the bike here but will wait until we get to Kanab and we have an 8 day stay. 

Eric froze his ears off in the cold wind setting up the satellite dish as it’s always a struggle in a completely new place.  At least we got to watch the Jays beat New York….go Jays!  Tomorrow will likely be an R & R day except for laundry.  We’ve been on the road for many days and need a rest. 

Sunday Sept. 25th

Today was a day to rest, do laundry and watch the Blue Jays beat New York in the bottom of the ninth.  In the last inning Eric had to dash out and help the lady pulling in behind us.  She was driving a mini freightliner tractor pulling a 40ft 5th wheel with a motorcycle on the back of the freightliner.    She is on her own so that’s pretty gutsy considering she’s 70.  Not that 70 is very old!!!  She got too close to the tree and would have ripped off her awning if Eric hadn’t dashed out to help.  She is parked way back and we won’t have trouble backing out. 


That’s the RV park in the distance across the field.

After the game I went for a short walk around town to take pictures.  There is no actual downtown although there used to be a few stores etc. when the old highway was the main road.  Now that there is a freeway everyone shops in Cedar City. 


Still warm enough to keep the corn growing.


Some nice old houses that were built in the 30’s.  I talked to a lady on the street who has lived here her whole life.  Everyone smiled and waved as I walked along.  Very refreshing.


Lots of young women and kids walking dogs.


This beautiful old house is just across the street.  A fine example of Craftsman architecture. 

Eric went for a bicycle ride and the wind blew him uphill but it was a grind riding back against the wind. 

So….a nice day, sunny and warm. 

Tomorrow we’ll take the truck drive to see Bryce Canyon.