Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ladies Lunch at Surf’s Up…

Ladies lunch/beer/dancing and a band was on Thursday this week.  It had been decided last Wednesday that the group would go out to Surf’s Up and enjoy all of the above.  So…our faithful Ariga truck driver Sergio was ordered and we all left the park at 12:30. 


Surf’s Up is located at the very north end of Mazatlan out past Emerald Bay on the gravel road.  It would be an easy walk on the beach from the Emerald Bay resorts.  Many people have been here but not me!


When we arrived at the restaurant the parking lot was full of cars, taxis, Arigas and droves of people heading in. 


Twice a week they have a band play and today it was “moldy oldies/Rock n Roll!”  Needless to say the crowd was well seasoned.  Reggae is on Saturdays.


Ruth had made a reservation for 20 and in the end we were 19.  The sign at the road said they were full and there was no room for extras.


We filled up two big tables and a small one up on the tile floor part of the cafe.  The lower part towards the ocean is uncovered and there is sand under your feet.


All tables reserved and waiting for people to come.  The band starts at 1pm and plays until 4pm.  Looking south you can see the Riu Hotel in the distance. 


The band is introduced.  They are called Beggars Banquet and we listened to some of them at Ruth and Jimmy’s 50th party.


and….they start. 


Sharen has received her tequila. 


Ruth decided to order a round of the Naipe beer which is a local micro brewery.  They vary from light to dark and one even has coffee and chocolate. 


I think Ruth’s holding a caesar but she’ll try the beer as well!


That big bottle is the chocolate/coffee and the alcohol is over 7% which is a huge amount in Mexico where beers like Pacifico Lite are 3 1/2%.


The other group doesn’t look like they’re having as much fun as us….maybe they need some Naipe beer!


Geri decided to get in on the fun and she ordered a round too but, not the large bottle. 


See how happy she is!


That’s the third table.  Some of the ladies join us for lunch on Wednesdays. 


It is smoking busy and the waiter is running to keep everyone in drinks and get the food ordered. 


Marion and Jeanette in deep conversation with Ruth.


Ruth’s husband Jimmy was sitting at the next table. 


So….the food finally started to arrive.  The menu is very limited on Thursdays and consists of a few sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers.  This is a “no pasa nada” sandwich which is loaded with three different types of cheese, bacon and tomatoes.


The fries were hot and the dip was a spicy chipotle.  Very good.


Eddie’s Bulldog.


Reg is eating too.


This is my lunch which was the very last to come.  Every time the waiter came by he looked at me and asked what I’d ordered and I replied “ No Pasa Nada!”  After two or three times the whole table was chanting “No Pasa Nada!” in unison.  The sandwich was good but a little soggy so I think it had been sitting for a while.  The food is highly rated here but I think the amount of people being served dropped the quality a little.


Fred and Marion are trying to pay their bill.  They drove out on their own and are ready to leave.


By three o’clock the crowd is starting to thin out.  Many people had been here early and had eaten before we arrived.


What a lovely afternoon.


Anyone need a Surf’s Up T-shirt?


This is the flavor of the crowd.  Don’t know this guy but he obviously likes Pink Floyd.


The band is rocking and so are Fred and Marion.  I couldn’t convince them to go out and dance so they just danced in place.


Not so Mike and Eddie.  Hard to dance in the sand but…they managed.


Huge Cacti at the side with blooms ahead of it.


Reg and Mosetta.


The band was really, really good and it’s obvious from the size of the crowd how popular they are.


Don’t know this guy either I just thought you’d enjoy another flavor of the crowd!


At this point we had finally managed to get our bills straightened out and paid.  I think the restaurant is completely overwhelmed by the amount of people that it attracts when the band plays.  So…the setting is beautiful, the drinks were good, the food was okay (apparently much better on a regular and less busy day), and the band was great.  All in all a really good afternoon.


Sergio was right on time and we were headed home.  Some people had already left in other vehicles but we were still enough to make a truckload. 

Fun day.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Geri & John’s Big Breakfast Party

One of Geri’s favorite things is a….breakfast party.  We have never been involved with this before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I haven’t been feeling all that well the last few days (upset stomach, oesophagitis and tiredness) but with my usual health problems it’s always hard to tell what’s going on.  I did get up and make blueberry muffins so we were ready to go by 9am.  Ordinarily I am up at 6:45 and out walking by 7am but the last few days have been pretty slow.


Most of Geri and John’s guests have arrived and are having an early morning chat.


John is running the early morning bar.  Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s and that’s Robyn and Fred standing in front.  There was also just plain juice for those of us who didn’t want a drink.  Eric liked the coconut/pineapple juice and I’ll have to buy some.


That’s John and Geri’s dog Remi.  Geri said she was pouting because she’d been given heck for coming out of her box.  Not many dogs can be counted on to stay in their crate when there is food around.  A nice, well trained dog.  Our old springer spaniel Butch would have had to be tied up away from the food….a confirmed mooch!


I was amazed at the wide assortment of food that was prepared.  Breakfast casseroles, fruit plates, sausages, potatoes, quiche, french toast, muffins and many other tasty items.  Again…a whole park full of good cooks.


John has his bar well prepared.


Geri and Anita chat.


Eric isn’t having a drink…just a glass of juice.  Not a party pooper just a personal preference!


Geri is happy with her gathering and always says it’s her favorite thing to do. Obviously a morning person!


Look at that…no one will need lunch today.  The quiches were hand made by Pat and they were delicious.


Tomatoes, toast and you name it.


Food is arriving from other rigs and the table is loaded up.


Gorgeous fruit plates and muffins.


Eric and Reg have a chat about vehicles.


Bill is saying grace.


The food is blessed and we give thanks for all our good friends here in Mazatlan.  I have not mentioned any of the very serious health problems that have occurred to many of our friends here in the trailor park this winter.  Some people have had to go home and one is in hospital here in Mazatlan.  We wish them all well and hope that they will all be able to return to Las Jaibas next winter.  The RV park is a very kind and supportive group and everyone feels very safe here when something goes wrong as there is always someone ready to help out.  I am not mentioning names as many people consider their health issues to be private. 


Pat and Marion chat while the rest load up on food.  It was a very enjoyable breakfast party and no one went home hungry or…needing lunch. 

Thanks to Geri and John for inviting us and throwing another great party.